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Understanding Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is completed as an outpatient procedure, during which we will place one or more small titanium posts into the jawbone to serve as artificial roots for missing teeth. At Ocala Dental Care in Ocala, FL, Dr. K. Woo and Dr. Manuel DeLeon specialize in implant surgery, and can ensure that your procedure is conducted with the utmost care and quality. Using innovative 3-D imaging and digital x-rays, our doctors are able to offer unparalleled accuracy and precision. 

Preparatory Procedures

It is not uncommon for patients to need prerequisite procedures before receiving dental implants. In some cases, these procedures must be performed months in advance to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo implant placement. However, our team can examine your health to determine if it is possible to combine procedures to shorten your treatment timeline.

Bone Grafting

illustration of bone grafting results

bone graft may be necessary to increase the bone density in preparation for implants. In some cases, a graft can be placed at the same time as your implant surgery. Our doctors will discuss all your options and determine the best method for your case.

Tooth Extractions

3-D illustration of the head

To prevent bone loss from occurring, you can plan a gentle tooth extraction as close to your implant placement as possible. In some cases, bone graft material can be placed at the same time as the extraction. For other patients, we may be able to place your implants at the same time as well.

Surgery Treatment Process

Prior to your surgery, you will have an in-depth consultation to plan your procedure. This appointment will allow us to determine the condition of your underlying jawbone, and take scans to design a highly accurate procedure. This detailed planning allows Drs. Woo and DeLeon to place implants in the most stable areas of your jaw. Once the planning guides are complete, we can begin your surgery.

  • Anesthesia: The day you arrive for your surgery, you will be escorted to a comfortable treatment room where our team will prepare for the procedure. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb your teeth and gums so you are comfortable during your treatment. We can also provide further sedation to ensure your comfort.
  • Incisions: Once you are comfortable, Dr. Woo or Dr. DeLeon will make a small opening in the gums to access the jawbone.
  • Site Preparation: To prepare the bone for a dental implant, your doctor will gently create space in the jaw for your implant. This process ensures the implant post will be located in the precise locations we have chosen and lowers risks of damage to the surrounding tissues.
  • Implant Placement: When the site has been prepared, the dental implant will be strategically placed into the jawbone.
  • Stitches: Once the implant has been placed, the surgical site will be closed using dissolvable stitches.
  • Restoration: If you are receiving a same-day implant-supported restoration, our doctors can connect it to your implants the same day as surgery. For traditional treatment, we will provide a temporary restoration for you to wear until you have fully healed. 

Your surgery should take one to two hours depending on the number of implants you are receiving.

Our team is happy to work with you, helping you make informed decisions and plan the most accurate, successful treatment possible. 

Your Recovery Timeline

After your procedure is complete, you can return home. You should have someone drive you because the effects of any sedatives or pain medications can last for several hours. Initial healing following implant surgery typically lasts less than one week. While you will return to your normal routines in a matter of days, your body will continue to heal for several months. If you are receiving traditional implants without a same-day restoration, you will need to undergo a second, shorter procedure. During this second surgery, we will attach abutment pieces that will connect your restoration to your implant posts. Typically two weeks after this procedure, you can receive your permanent restoration.

Plan Your Treatment

Contact us online or call (352) 414-4957 to receive answers to any questions you may have about dental implant surgery. Our team is happy to work with you, helping you make informed decisions and plan the most accurate, successful treatment possible.

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