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Same-Day Dentistry: Dentures Repair and Relining

At Ocala Dental Care in Ocala, FL, we offer affordable dentures repair, relining and repairing dentures in our on-site dental lab. We proudly use high-quality materials, and we can typically complete repairs in a single day. Our focus is on aesthetics and longevity, and we can ensure that your prosthetic fits securely and resembles your natural teeth as closely as possible. Of course, a comfortable, proper fit will also ensure your full dental function. Additionally, our costs are often much lower than those at other area practices, and we offer multiple financing options to assist with your out-of-pocket costs.Though you may need to have your dentures relined periodically, our repairs typically last for many years.

A dental tool and a set of dentures
We use cutting-edge technology to repair and reline your dentures in less than one business day. 

Types of Dentures Repair

We can perform all types of denture repair in our fully equipped and state-of-the-art lab. Some of the most common problems that we address include:

  • Relining dentures: Traditional dentures should fit snugly around your gums and the underlying bone, known as the alveolar ridge. However, when you are missing teeth, your jaw may slowly start to recede, and the alveolar ridge could change shape, causing your restoration to become loose and affecting your oral function as well as potentially causing gum irritation.To prevent these problems, you may need to have your denture relined periodically. Prior to relining, Dr. DeLeon or Dr. Woo will review digital impressions of your gums. Then he will add material to the base of your prosthetic until it fits as securely as it did when it was brand new.
  • Broken dentures: A denture can break for a number of reasons. If you neglect your denture relines, the incorrect fit can weaken the prosthetic, making it more prone to damage. Dr. DeLeon or Dr. Woo can often oversee the repair of severe damage, including pieces that have fully broken off. 
  • Worn synthetic teeth: If you grind your teeth, have uneven jaw alignment, or you do not have your denture relined, the synthetic teeth may start to wear down. We can replace this part of your prosthetic using advanced acrylic that will match your smile.

Thanks to our on-site lab, you can drop off your denture in the morning and pick up the repaired restoration that afternoon.

Why Choose Ocala Dental Care for Your Repair?

We are proud to be the area’s go-to practice for denture repair. Although many dentists can fix broken prosthetics, we provide the most convenient and quality services possible. Thanks to our on-site lab, you can drop off your denture in the morning and pick up the repaired restoration that afternoon.

We also offer economical care, and our prices are often much lower than those at other area offices. We also accept CareCredit® and LendingClub® payments to help make restorative care affordable for our patients. With fixed, low, and no-interest financing available, we can help you find a stress-free repayment plan.

Ensure a Long-Lasting Prosthetic

If you have a loose or damaged denture, call Ocala Dental Care at (352) 237-6196 or contact our office online to schedule your same-day services. With convenient care and affordable restorative solutions, the team at Ocala Dental Care works to ensure your total satisfaction. 

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