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White Fillings Are Long-Lasting, Durable, and Aesthetically Pleasing

A filling is a procedure that dentists perform to repair a tooth that has been damaged from decay. At Ocala Dental Care, we offer white fillings made from composite resin tinted to match the natural shade of your tooth.  Dr. Jeffrey Metcalfe can place white fillings at our Ocala, FL, office to restore teeth affected by  decay and cavities. We use the finest and most durable materials in dentistry to ensure you receive white fillings that look great and last a long time. In recent years, advanced materials have been developed for white fillings, providing many advantages over traditional silver amalgam fillings. If you have been told that you have a cavity that requires a filling or you would like to replace old amalgam fillings with a more aesthetically pleasing alternative, Dr. Metcalfe can help.

How Cavities Form and How to Treat Them

Certain foods can react with the bacteria in your mouth to form acid. That acid, combined with bacteria, food particles, and saliva, combine to form plaque, a substance that adheres to your teeth. Plaque can erode the enamel on the surface of your teeth and create holes called cavities. It is important that cavities be treated to prevent further damage and painful complications, such as toothache and abscess. When tooth decay is left unaddressed, it can lead to tooth loss and other costly restorative procedures.

The Filling Process

To begin, Dr. Metcalfe will apply a numbing gel to your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue to eliminate any discomfort you may feel. If necessary, he may also inject local anesthesia to ensure your total comfort. Once you are comfortable, the doctor will remove any unhealthy bacteria and decay. Once this has been removed, the tooth will be reshaped and a special material composed of composite resin is used to restore the tooth’s structural integrity. A self-etching dental adhesive will be applied to the tooth, creating a rough surface that helps the filling bond to the tooth. As the solution dries, the doctor will mix the composite resin and tint it using a shade guide to ensure it blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

At Ocala Dental Care, we offer white fillings made from composite resin tinted to match the natural shade of your tooth.

Once the tooth is adequately prepared, the composite resin is applied in layers. In between each layer, a special curing light is used to harden the resin quickly. A tool called a burnisher is used to smooth the filling and polish the tooth. Dr. Metcalfe will check your bite to ensure that everything is normal and you experience no discomfort. Following the procedure, you may experience some sensitivity for one to two days. If you have any concerns, you are encouraged to contact the office.

Removing Silver Amalgam Fillings

It may be necessary to remove silver amalgam fillings, either to repair decay underneath, prevent cracking, or to improve the appearance of your teeth. Patients can have complete confidence that Dr. Metcalfe uses both equipment and procedures by which silver amalgam fillings may be safely removed. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your old fillings or concerned with the safety of amalgam fillings, you can rest assured that we can safely remove old silver fillings at Ocala Dental Care.

An image contrasting composite resin fillings and amalgam fillings
White fillings are often chosen over silver amalgam fillings for their aesthetic properties. 

Benefits of White Fillings

White fillings offer significantly more benefits than traditional amalgam. While the aesthetic benefits of white fillings are clear, the can also help strengthen the tooth, while amalgam fillings can actually weaken the tooth over time. Because the metals in amalgam fillings can expand and contract with temperature changes, the risk of structural damage to your tooth is higher than with white fillings. Additionally, silver amalgam can seep into adjacent teeth over time, darkening and staining otherwise healthy teeth. Composite resin, on the other hand, is a substance made from glass and plastic and will not compromise the structural integrity of your tooth or otherwise adversely affect your oral health. 

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