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Sedation Dentistry

Ocala Dental Care offers a painless, stress free alternative through sedation dentistry. The dentists and team of professionals at Ocala Dental Care realize that for some people the thought of going to the dentist may be a frightening thought. The stress and anxiety that some feel cannot be underestimated and when these emotions prevent someone from regularly seeing a dentist, dental problems can be the result.

To minimize and overcome these patient concerns, we offer a variety of safe anesthetic options including nitrous oxide, and oral conscious sedation. Each choice offers certain advantages to the patient as well as to the dentists involved in the procedure. The point is, no one should ever be placed in the dilemma of choosing between good dental health and their fears of a visit to the dentist! Our most important priority is your comfort.

Misconceptions about Sedation Dentistry

It’s a common misconception that all sedation dentistry involves the patient being put to sleep for their procedure. In reality, this is rarely the case. Most sedation dentistry involves the patient being awake but in a relaxed state, unaware of the procedure being performed. Many sedation methods involve the sedative being taken orally, often prior to the patient’s arrival at the dentist office. For this reason, it’s important that the patient have a “caregiver” who can drive the patient to and from the dentist office, as sleepiness is often a side effect from the sedation.

Methods of Sedation Dentistry & Types of Sedatives

Nitrous Oxide – Also known to many as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide has been used successfully in dentistry for many years. It is considered a mild sedative and is administered to the patient via a nose hood throughout the entire procedure. The result of nitrous oxide is the patient feels no anxiety during the procedure. Nitrous Oxide has been used for so long because it has few if any side effects with most patients. Some patients may feel some tingling or numbness.

Oral Conscious Sedation – This method of sedation is common and often involves the patient taking the sedative prior to arrival at the dentist office. For this reason, the patient will require a “caregiver” to drive to and from the appointment. In some cases, the patient may be “topped off” with a second dose at the office as needed. The sedative Halcion, also known as Triazolam is commonly used and is also known for treating insomnia. This sedative has amnesic qualities and many patients have no recollection of sounds, smells, or sensations after their procedure is completed.

To learn more about how Sedation Dentistry can assist you in receiving the dental care you deserve, contact Ocala Dental Care today. consultation.

Onsite Dental Lab


Our in-house dental lab uses only quality materials for a host of treatments and procedures. Having a dental lab on-site allows us to offer a quick turnaround on procedures including dentures, crowns, denture repair, and other services.


One Stop Shop

 Ocala Dental Care's dental lab is a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. Be it crafting new prosthetics or repairing your existing dentures on the same day, we offer comprehensive solutions.

Same Day Denture Repair

We can reline and repair your old denture using advanced materials at our onsite dental lab, often in one day. You no longer need to depend on sub-par alternatives when you damage your dentures.


Same Day Service

We offer same-day dentistry services, including dentures, denture repair, crowns, bridges, tooth extractions and fillings.


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