Tooth Extraction

Ocala Dental Care provides expert tooth extraction in Ocala and the surrounding area. The thought of having to have one or more of your teeth “pulled” is at the very least disconcerting to most people. However, at Ocala Dental Care we are skilled in the techniques of tooth extraction, and this procedure is routinely done with little or no discomfort to the patient. Pain should never be an issue with an extraction. Through the use of various local and other anesthetics, we can ensure your complete comfort through the entire process. There are any number of reasons why it may be necessary to perform a tooth extraction. Some of the more common reasons are listed below.


Reasons Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

  •   You may have a tooth that is blocked from coming in requiring a nearby tooth be removed
  •    If you’ve damaged or chipped a tooth and the damage is too severe to be restored
  •    A tooth is “impacted” as with a Wisdom Tooth
  •   Gum Disease has caused irreparable damage to a tooth requiring it be removed
  •   The patient has an infection that cannot be treated with antibiotics or a root canal
  •   A crowded mouth that space for teeth to align properly, or in preparation for braces

The Extraction Procedure

Depending on the patient’s situation and oral history, teeth may be removed quite simply or may require surgical removal. For example, when a tooth is fully visible our dentists will apply a local numbing medication to alleviate any pain and perform the extraction. Some patients may feel some discomfort during the process but there should be no pain. Discomfort is often the result of the dentist having to “rock” the tooth to allow for the expansion of the tooth socket so that it can be removed. When a tooth is impacted, not exposed, or has broken down, a surgical extraction is required. An anesthesia will be administered providing for the patient’s complete comfort. When the patient is “under”, the dentist can remove the tooth. In some cases, as with an impacted tooth, the tissue and bone are removed from around the tooth. Following removal, the gum is sutured with stitches which aids in faster recovery time. A gauze is placed on the area to absorb any bleeding and the patient can rest in the recovery area.

Following a Tooth Extraction

Most patients may feel some discomfort following an extraction, but this will last only a few days. Depending on the severity of the extraction some patients may experience swelling in the area of tooth removal which can be addressed with ice packs. In the immediate days following the procedure, softer foods should be eaten, and spicy or hard chewy foods should be avoided. Your dentist will prescribe an appropriate post procedure pain medication for you based on the extent of the extraction. Care should also be taken when brushing or flossing not to aggravate the area where the tooth was removed.

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