Wisdom Teeth Removal Belleview

For Wisdom Teeth removal in Belleview, Florida and the surrounding area count on Ocala Dental Care. When wisdom teeth align properly and there are no issues with the gums, removal is not necessary. However, when they fail to erupt properly, grow in sideways, partially emerge or remain trapped below the gum, problems can arise which will necessitate their removal. The thought of having to have your wisdom teeth removed can disconcerting to say the least. However, at Ocala Dental Care our dentists are skilled in the techniques of wisdom teeth removal, and this procedure is routinely done with minimal discomfort to the patient. Pain should never be a major issue with an extraction. With various local and other anesthetics, we can ensure your complete comfort through the entire process.

What’s the best way to address any pain or discomfort following wisdom teeth surgery?

If you feel you might need a pain medication ask if it can be prescribed prior to surgery so you won’t have to make a stop at the pharmacy.  If you don’t feel that’s necessary at least have an over-the-counter pain med on hand when you get home.  A cold pack may also come in handy.


wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Process 

Depending on the patient and the state of their wisdom teeth, the removal procedure is usually performed under a local anesthetic such as nitrous oxide, (laughing gas). In some cases, an oral sedative may also be used. Our dentists will explain all the options available to you as well as any possible complications or risks. When your wisdom teeth are removed the gum will be sutured and gauze placed over the area to absorb any bleeding. As with other procedures, patients will need a caregiver to bring them to and from our offices. A follow up appointment will be scheduled for about a week later for the removal of the sutures.

Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Unlike a simple extraction, most patients will feel some discomfort following wisdom tooth extraction. This will last several days. Depending on the severity of the extraction some patients may experience swelling in the area of tooth removal which can be addressed with ice packs. In the immediate days following the procedure, softer foods should be eaten, and spicy or hard chewy foods should be avoided. Your dentist will prescribe an appropriate post procedure pain medication for you based on the extent and difficulty of the extraction. In some cases, this may also include an antibiotic. Care should also be taken when brushing or flossing not to aggravate the area where the wisdom teeth were removed.

To learn more about wisdom tooth extractions and explore how you can have a healthier and more attractive smile, contact Ocala Dental Care today.


Dr. Hussein and Caylee were absolutely amazing I got a wisdom tooth removed and I was super scared. But they made it painless and fun. They talked me through it and consistently asked me if I was okay. Highly recommend.

Ariel Benjamin

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